2014 Florida State Fair



    Every year my friends and I attend the Florida State Fair with one goal in mind and that is to eat everything.
We each take turns buying the latest and greatest fair foods and split them up among ourselves so that we can all try what new foods the fair has to offer. Our goal is definitely to try all the new crazy concoctions but we also have our old time favorites that we hit up every year because they are just delicious.

Below you will find almost everything we ate this year, I may have missed a few… I have to admit I was somewhat let down this year (if you check out my post from the 2013 FL State Fair you will understand why) but I still can not wait to see what 2015 will bring us 😀

The first stop on our list was to compare a staple of our beloved fair with this year’s newbie.
I bring you the Krispy Kreme Burger vs. the Ramen Noodle Burger.

Fair Food - Burgers

Verdict: Stick with what you know. The Krispy Kreme Burger wins. I remember when I thought the Krispy Kreme Burger was going to be gross and I almost backed out of trying it but I was wrong. It is the perfect mixture of sweet and salty, it’s delicious. The Ramen Burger was not, not even a little bit. The outside of the noodles were hard the inside were mush and it was all together not my cup of tea. I still encourage you to try it for yourself!

After a misfire like the Ramen Burger we typically go back to something we know will be delectable before leaping back into the unknown. All of these are regulars at the fair but they never cease to be delicious!

Fair Food - Corn/Dogs

Our next adventure was of the fried variety. Over the years we have pretty much eaten everything that can be fried from butter to pepsi and everything in between. This year’s new fried item at the fair was the Snickers Peanut Butter Squares. Per usual it was out of this world. With the exception of the fried Pepsi I think I have enjoyed all our fried findings.

Fair Food - FriedIt’s powdered sugar it’s delicious.

Next up my beautiful sister models the proper way to eat and enjoy the phenomenon that is STEAK TIPS.
This is one of those items we eat EVERY year and sometimes more than once. My picture does not give this delicacy justice. Perfectly cooked steak tips over smashed potatoes with sautéed onions and if you so choose – I do not – grilled mushrooms with A1. Perfection.

Fair Food - Steak Tips

It’s really that good.

Ok, so this is not new to the culinary world but it is new to the FLSF and HOLY MACARONI (and cheese) is it good!
It was out of this world. Nice big chunks of lobster meat in a sherry and shallot gastrique over aged cheddar, gruyere and fontina creamy macaroni and cheese topped with toasted lemon zest/tarragon breadcrumbs. That sounds like the lobster mac and cheese you would order at a Michelin star restaurant and I’m pretty darn sure it tastes like it too.
(If any Michelin star restaurant owners would like me to come and verify this I would be delighted.)

Fair Food - Lobster Mac

There are a few items we consumed that I didn’t grab a picture of this year such as: Giant Amish Donuts, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Kettle Corn, Candied Apples, loads of Sweet Tea, fried green beans and possibly more.

One thing my sister and I never leave the fair without is… COTTON CANDY 😀
Cotton Candy is sickeningly sweet, it can be sticky and can easily dye your mouth but it’s nostalgic and tasty!

Fair Food - Cotton Candy

Thank you for joining me on this year’s Florida State Fair culinary adventure 🙂

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